Adrien Chardon

Aerospace Engineer

I am a software and electronics engineer, with an expertise in embedded systems. I have a wide range of skills, enabling me to be efficient at many different tasks.
I am interested in robots, launchers and inter-planetary probes. I prefer to write code that interacts with the physical world, and runs in space.
I care about code quality, automation and open source software. I invest heavily in tooling, to limit errors and free myself form mundane tasks. I like to use and contribute to open source to avoid reinventing the wheel.

I am currently looking for a position as an aerospace engineer. I am the most efficient when writing embedded software. But I also have a strong interest in contributing to a project from start to finish (requirements, system engineering, work packages and schedule, testing and validation, operations, ...).

Side projects


2018-2023 Text

Collection of articles on various topics. My interests currently cover software engineering (embedded software, improving quality of critical software, Rust), orbital mechanics and GNC, and other miscellaneous topics (training for a marathon).

Moon Lander GNC Software

2021 Rust Aerospace / GNC

(Moon) lander GNC software written in Rust. It reimplements the guidance algorithms used by Apollo missions. It comes with a physics simulator and KSP bindings for testing.

Running Performance Analysis

2022-2023 Python Data Analysis

Data and scripts used to keep track of my running activity. Includes (among others) training analysis and race results graphs.

Gali Robot Software

2017-2018 C Embedded Systems

Source code of the Gali robot. It was built as part of my studies with the robotic student association (Eceborg) for the French robotic cup (Eurobot).